Meet Oscar & Jemima's Founders – ICCA Alumni

At ICCA, we have seen many aspiring food entrepreneurs in the making and achieving their goals as soon as they enter the industry. However, Karl Bishop and Georgina Morton, our Amateur Cookery students took one step ahead and made it all happen...

Why Homemade Food Startups are Booming

 If you ask me what is that one thing that I would never get tired of eating, I would without a doubt say it's the yellow butter cake that my mum used to bake in the small portable electric oven in her kitchen!

Learn to Set Up a Gelato Business at The ICCA Dubai

Ever since its invention in the late 1990s, the Gelato Business has only been booming and has grown to become an integral part of a 14 Billion Dollar Ice Cream Industry.

5 Steps to Setting-up a Commercial or Home Food Business

If you are someone who loves cooking and baking, starting a food business can be a great way for you to combine a hobby with a career. Just like any other business, in order to start your very own food business, you are going to need permits,...