Fresh & Dry Pasta, Lesson #2 - The Mushroom Ravioli in Sugo di Crema

Pasta is noodles of different shapes made from unleavened dough of durum wheat flour and can also be made with flour from other cereals or grains. Pasta has become one of the most loved dish around the world, as it is affordable, easy to prepare,...

Eggs, Lesson #2 - The Omelet (Spanish & French)

Importance of Eggs

Chicken eggs are incredibly the most nutritious and versatile of foods, widely used in a range of dishes; both savory & sweet, including baked goods.

Sandwiches, Lesson #2 - The Open Face Croque Monsieur

A sandwich is a combination of one or more varieties of food items, such as cheese, vegetables or meat, put together and placed on top or in between slices of bread as ready-to-eat food. Sandwiches are generally eaten as a snack or could be...

Appetizers, Lesson #2 - The Buffalo Chicken Wings

Appetizers are dishes that we serve prior to the main course to whet our appetites and also to set the right tone for the main meal.

Salads, Lesson #2 - The Beetroot & Rocket Salad

Salads are dishes consisting of raw or cooked vegetables, meat or seafood, which may be mixed with a sauce or topped with a dressing. They can be served as appetizers, main courses, side salad or dessert salad.

Making Good Soups, Lesson #2 - The Gazpacho

Soups are liquid food, generally served warm or cold. They are made by combining a range of ingredients such as stocks, vegetables, meat, etc. and are generally served as a starter or the first course in any meal.

Cakes.. Baking Made Easy!

Cakes are traditional sweet and savory food. Cakes differ from breads, in that they are richer and are eaten by themselves, rather than as an accompaniment. They are generally made from a mixture of flour, fat, eggs, sugar and other ingredients...

Creative Baking... Tarts & Pies!

Tarts and Pies are generally made of a pastry crust base, with fillings that are either sweet or savory. They are both quite similar in structure. In fact the French word “tarte” also means Pie. A pie is usually covered, with a filling on the...

Cookies and Biscuits... Bite-sized Delights!

Cookies are small, thin, flat and cake-like baked treats. The name cookie is derived from the Dutch word “Koekje”, meaning “small or little cake”. Cookies are also known as “Biscuits” in England & Australia, in Italy they have many names...

Seafood... Cooking Fish, Shellfish and more!

Any kind of aquatic life that is regarded as food fit for consumption by humans is called seafood and includes fish and shellfish.

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