Creative Baking... Tarts & Pies!

Tarts and Pies are generally made of a pastry crust base, with fillings that are either sweet or savory. They are both quite similar in structure. In fact the French word “tarte” also means Pie. A pie is usually covered, with a filling on the...

Cookies and Biscuits... Bite-sized Delights!

Cookies are small, thin, flat and cake-like baked treats. The name cookie is derived from the Dutch word “Koekje”, meaning “small or little cake”. Cookies are also known as “Biscuits” in England & Australia, in Italy they have many names...

Seafood... Cooking Fish, Shellfish and more!

Any kind of aquatic life that is regarded as food fit for consumption by humans is called seafood and includes fish and shellfish.

Meat – Beef... Bringing the Best Out of a Good Cut!

Beef is the culinary term used for meat from Bovines (Cattle). The word beef originally adapted from the Latin word “bos” meaning ox, then translated to “boef” in old French and finally made to its current name, “beef” in middle English.