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Following your passion gives you a sense of purpose and adds meaning to your life. It not just keeps you happy & satisfied, work will never feel like work to you.

In fact, when you have the passion for it, even work becomes play and sets you onto the path of success and eventually fills your life with happiness and satisfaction.

Today, Food has grown to become a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry and it is only expected to grow even more. What most people who love baking or are passionate about patisserie (pastry) in general fail to realize, is the fact that you can make a professional career out of it!


Life is Short, Pursue Your Passion!

If you don’t have the love and passion for what you do, the drive that you have slowly starts to fade away over time and you eventually end up losing the spark in life. We are physically here in this world only for a brief period and so, it is just ‘not okay’ to settle down for anything less.

Thoughts don’t come overnight. In fact, they have probably been there for some time now kindling in your subconscious, smoldering and brewing. The good news is that it is never too late to follow your passion! Especially, when you have a passion for baking.


Baking for Life

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Baking is very different from cooking, from the way it is made to the way it looks to the way it smells. From the process of measuring, sifting, stirring and waiting for the dough to rise, to its baking in the oven to slowly filling the house with saturated scents of butter and flour.

While baking actually can be an adventure full of experiments and magic to some, to others it is a way of using delicious cakes to make loved ones happy. And, if looked at from a career point of view, if food stirs you up and the kitchen is your favorite place, then you need to take it to the next level.

Because if you already know what brings out the creative devil in you, then what is the point in beating around the bush? It is time for you to stop sitting around waiting for things to happen and start changing things for yourself. You ought to follow your passion because you deserve nothing less! 

From mixing the ingredients to pulling the perfectly golden dough on the pans out of the oven, it’s not just baking, it’s a way of life.

Check out a real story of a Foodpreneur at The ICCA Dubai, Malavika Raghavan. This is her journey from an aspiring entrepreneur to a successful business owner!




Do you feel inspired by Malavika's story and wish to start your journey? Then this is your chance to equip yourself with the right set of hands-on skills and knowledge! 

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