Hello Honey


Honey is the liquid gold in your pantry. This natural marvel is as sweet as it is beneficial. Whoever said that medicine is always bitter, had not had a taste of the gooey wonder! Thank the busy bees who are seen foraging for nectar and pollen to endow us with this beautiful gift. From being a natural sweetener, energy and immunity booster to working as the perfect suppressant for a nagging sore throat, the benefits of honey are innumerable. Lending its nutritional excellence and sweetness to the earth, the decadent honey has been imparting us with the gift of a joyous sensory experience as we sink into its purity. 

A health benefit apart, the golden nectar has also been lauded for its many culinary boons. Understanding the variants of honey (think Lavender, Italian, Raspberry, Blueberry) is an integral aspect of pairing them well with food. Their characteristic attributes could be fruity and floral, herbal, spicy, deep and earthy ones among others. Note their varying compositions carefully. An appreciation of the nuances of its floral variety could be understood better by frequent honey tastings.

Once you have understood this, whipping up exciting dishes just gets easier! Think Honey-jack Mexican fondues and Honey Barbecue Spareribs and Chicken. For salads, you can do a Honey Roasted Pear Salad or a Spring Vegetable Salad with fresh cheese and truffle-whipped honey.  Easy-To-Do peanut butter and honey sandwich would also work wonders for the hungry gut!

Creamed or spun, honey is also a good choice in baking. Try your hands on Honey-Currant Scones or a Honey-Rosemary-Red Pepper Focaccia. Dessert would be a soul-satisfying affair if you were to try the Honey Macaroon Dessert Pizza. So much for versatility! Delve deeper into the magnitude of taste, benefits and culinary attributes of honey as you craft some gastronomic delights with it.

A spoonful plain, as an ingredient or as a topping; there is a reason why honey is also used as a word of endearment. It is irreplaceable. More power to you, honey!


Shagufta Patel

Shagufta Patel

People Development Specialist