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Hummus Crusted Chicken Salad

A warm and hearty salad made with hummus slathered roasted chicken served on a bed of quinoa and vegetables, making it a light yet filling meal for the Ramadan season.

Börek with Smoked Beef & Pistachio

Börek is a generic term for Turkish savoury pastry made from wrapping thin loaves known as yufka or filo pastry with a filling made with aromatic spices and meat/vegetables. It’s thought to hail from Anatolia in today’s central Turkey. It spread...

Saffron and Cardamom Creme Caramel

The classic French dessert, Creme Caramel, an egg pudding with a layer of clear caramel sauce and flavored with Saffron and Cardamom giving it the flavors of the season. 


Tuffah Sharab

A classic milk-based, sweetened hot drink topped with shredded apple and sultanas, traditionally prepared during Ramadan. The addition of apple not only makes it far more delicious, but also highly nutritional. Apple can also be replaced with...

Turkish Eggs

The popular Middle Eastern Breakfast, Turkish Eggs made with elegant poached eggs on a creamy Greek yogurt dressed with beurre noisette and served with a toast, making it wholesome and perfect for suhoor. 

Sheesh Tavuk (Turkish Chicken Kebab)

Sheesh Tavuk is a classic Turkish Chicken Kebab that is popular all over the Middle East. It is also one of the simplest kebabs in terms of ingredients and cooking procedures. These kebabs are made by marinating boneless tender & juicy chicken...

Ramadan Appetizers

Lentil Soup,  Baba Ghanoush, Hummus and Moutabel, the four most popular and healthy  appetizers in the Middle East and the must have accompaniments to the blessed Iftar evenings. 

Moroccan Chicken Bastilla

Chicken Bastilla is Morocco's famous chicken pie.  A light, crispy pastry shell conceals savory saffron chicken, spicy omelet stuffing, and a crunchy topping of roasted almonds/pistachios/and raisins . Bastilla can be made a day or more in...

Cocktail Zero% Competition - The Hotel Show, Dubai, 2019

The KHDA #8WeekStreak Challenge at ICCA Dubai

An initiative for school kids to experience the exciting world of Culinary Arts

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