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Date Cardamom Cake

I created this date cake several years ago while working and living in Dubai and was one of those recipes that once I added to the menu could never take off especially in Ramadan. 

Umm Ali

Umm Ali is a traditional Arabic pastry dessert originated in Egypt. It is prepared with puff pastry pieces soaked and mixed with milk, cream, nuts & raisins and baked until golden brown. 

The Versatile Chef and Storyteller Extraordinaire, Peter Kuruvita

A chef, restaurateur, television host, author, consultant and industry speaker, the Aussie Sri Lankan Peter Kuruvita is everything one could imagine of an acclaimed Chef to be. Peter is known for his rich and culturally inspired cooking, highly...

The Journey of an Award Winning Young Chef and Entreprenuer

When Rushad Wadia, the owner and chef at The Greedy Man Pizzeria started his own pizzeria soon after graduating from the International Centre for Culinary Arts, Dubai, little did he know what success had in store for him.  

Adana Kebab

A popular Turkish kebab named after the city of Adana in Turkey, where it is said to have originated. This dish is traditionally made of minced lamb or beef mounted on a skewer and grilled over charcoal.

Musakhan Rolls

A Palestinian Arab delicacy, popularly known as Sumac Chicken Rolls that are made of pan-roasted chicken with caramelized onions flavoured with Sumac and wrapped in Saj bread, baked to a crispy perfection.

Chicken Tikka Quiche

An interesting recipe for quiche with an eggless tart base, filled with seasoned yogurt custard and the ever popular Chicken Tikka, baked right to a rich, creamy and crusty perfection.  

The Culinary Legend in the UAE - Chef Uwe Micheel

Fondly known as the “Father of Chefs” in the UAE, Chef Uwe Micheel, President of the Emirates Culinary Guild, Vice President of the WorldChefs, Conseiller Culinaire Commandeur Chaine des Rotisseurs, Bailliage National Emirats Arabes Unis and the...


A very traditional middle eastern delight often served with sweetened date syrup…

Smoked Chicken Kofta & Spinach Cheese Kebab with Mint Pesto

Kebabs are without doubt an inevitable part of the Iftar Menu. Here, we share two kinds of Kebabs, the Smoked Chicken Kofta Kebab and Smoked Spinach & Cheese Sheekh Kebab, along with a refreshing Mint Pesto dip calling for a special mention of...

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