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Cocktail Zero% Competition - The Hotel Show, Dubai, 2019

The KHDA #8WeekStreak Challenge at ICCA Dubai

An initiative for school kids to experience the exciting world of Culinary Arts

A Culinary Guide to Weight Loss Recipes and Diet Plans

Our health is the most important element of our overall well-being. What you eat and how much you eat, play vital roles in maintaining good health. For the majority, being healthy is all about losing those extra pounds, and that is the most...

In Conversation with Chef Vrushali Jadhav - The ICCA Dubai Pastry Connoisseur

Having a strong affinity towards food and cooking that she has inherited from her grandmother, Chef Vrushali pursued her passion by graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from IHM Goa and also becoming the best outgoing student...

The ICCA Dubai wins MENA Awards for Innovation & Excellence

International Center for Culinary Arts - ICCA Dubai, has won two prestigious awards of the MENA Region for its innovative initiatives and continued excellence in the culinary space.

Culinary Tips - 7 Reasons to Love Seafood

People around the world make fish & other seafood, a vitamin-rich source of lean protein, a part of their diet for nutritional reasons, or simply because they like the taste. The love for seafood is massive. Billions of people widely depend on...

The Winner of 'Salon Culinaire' in the UAE

ICCA Dubai Alumni Sana Quidwai, Wins Silver at Salon Culinaire!

The Winner of 'The Best Hygienic Chef' at the East Coast Competitions in the UAE

ICCA Dubai Shaikha Almemeri wins the Bronze and 'Best Hygienic Chef' at the East Coast Competitions, UAE.

Culinary Tips - 6 Ways to Conquer Ramadan in Dubai

We have read and heard a lot about staying healthy and ensuring to provide the essential nutrition to the body during the holy month of Ramadan. Here, we are not going to say anything new that you don’t already know. Rather, we are only giving a...

Culinary Tips - 5 Spices & Herbs to beat the Summer in Dubai

As the summer days are getting hotter and longer, it seems pretty difficult to put up with the blistering heat. This sweltering heat causes us to crave anything and everything cold. However, the truth is, cold treats are not a solution to keep...

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