Shagufta Patel

Shagufta Patel

People Development Specialist

The Banquet Kitchen - Planning & Executing A Large Buffet

If you want to keep people happy, keep the food and entertainment rolling!!

Sugarcraft - Such a Sweet Art

Come birthdays or anniversaries or the mention of the word ‘celebration’, the party is incomplete without the perfect cake. Have you ever laid your eyes on a cake that looks too good to eat? You would rather have the pretty cake with all its...

Culinary Insights - 5 Amazing Benefits of Coconut

Classed as fruit but frequently confused as a nut, the hard coconut with its soft center and its versatility in cooking cannot be undermined. It is pretty capable of adding a tropical touch to your repertoire of recipes and how! The nutritious...

The WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

 ICCA Dubai having partnered with WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, the premises was abuzz with preparation and excitement getting closer to the event, and being there for all the days of the WorldSkills competitions certainly was an experience unlike...

In Conversation With Nasarene Jeddy – Creating Magic With Sugar at ICCA Dubai

All those who visit ICCA Dubai, can’t help but stand and gaze at the exquisite flower creations showcased in the Coffee Lounge Area. What enthralls everyone more is that the bouquets and other pieces of decor are all made of sugar.

Opening and Closing Activities

Well begun, is work half done!Hello and a warm welcome from me, Shagufta, the People Development Specialist & Placement Manager at the ICCA Dubai and it gives me great pleasure to be writing to you again.As a sequel to the series of write-ups...

Knife Skills & Safe Kitchen Practices

A Chef is a very versatile being. He is one person who can be an artist, a scientist, a Physicist, a Chemist, an athlete and a number whiz all at the same time. Working with food requires a Chef to be aware of the physics & chemistry of the...

Ground Work & Mise-en-Place

A Kitchen is a place of both Order & Chaos; the guests' order and the chaos follows.

Food Safety & Kitchen Hygiene

Smart Trained Talent. Commis that you will Love in your Kitchen...

Health Peppers

A great combination of vivid colours, glossy exterior, beautiful shape, crunchy texture and a tangy taste, bell peppers are rightly the jewels of the vegan world. Bringing vibrancy, sweetness and texture to our palate along with being...

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