Shagufta Patel

Shagufta Patel

People Development Specialist

6 Different Types of Icing for Your Cake

The proverbial ‘Icing on the Cake’ gets even better when there are 6 different ways of professional cake decoration by which you can add visual and toothsome pleasure to your freshly baked delicious cake. Whether it be creating an artistic...

Serving the Senses

Food is one thing that we know that uses all of our five senses.

How to Get Festive this Christmas, with Food!

Food, as we know is an integral aspect of any festival. So with the festive days of Christmas and New Year upon us, whipping up a smashing feast for family and guests might be a mandatory ritual.  The festive fervour definitely needs to be...

Cook Up a Career

Most of us cook to satisfy our hunger while for some the gastronomic wonders of the food travel all the way from the stomach and sinks and settle deep in the brain! If you are one of those who feels that food isn’t only a plate of eatables to...

Switch to Healthier Lifestyle for a More Productive Life

We live in a world that is sugar and spice and all things nice...

This Is How You Live a Healthy Lifestyle

HOLD... You need to stop in your tracks right now!!

Wanting to Join Cooking Classes? Let Such Challenges Not Stop You!

 We all have our passions, a dream, a desire that we are expressive about or secretly hold in our hearts. It could be something really really small or it could be something so big that it scares the daylight out of us.

I Followed My Passion, and it Paid!

Passion is the genesis of genius - said Galileo Galilee, the famous astronomer and scientist who gave the world the telescope.

Best Hospitality Careers - Become a Professional Chef

The Industry

Looking for a Career - Become a "Skillionaire"!

Every so often we come across families that have one or more children not interested in regular studies (read academically inclined) and would rather pick up a bat, a spoon, a hammer or be involved in anything that isn’t remotely related to...

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