ICCA Chef Instructors

ICCA Chef Instructors

Galaxy Blueberry Mousse Cake

One of the most hyped about cakes in the social media, the Galaxy Cake made with a velvety blueberry mousse cake with a marbled mirror glaze undoubtedly makes it a showstopper in the baking scene.


Dulce de Leche Lava Cake

A Dulce de Leche inspired Lava Cake with a perfect gooey center oozing with the creamy goodness of dulce de leche served warm with vanilla ice cream for an ultimate dessert experience. 

The Pull Apart Bread

A gorgeous cheesy pull apart loaf bursting with the flavours of butter, garlic and herbs, made from scratch dough making it a perfect addition to any party, gathering or a meal. 

Corn Bread with Parsley Garlic Butter Sauce

A quick and easy to make Cornbread recipe with a gently flavored Parsley and Garlic Butter Sauce, making it a perfect accompaniment for the evening tea.

Chives and Cheddar Cheese Bites

A delicious savoury snack that is so crunchy, cheesy and gorgeously golden bursting with the refreshing flavor of chives.


Chocolate Pecan Rolls

The aroma and warmth of freshly baked sweet bread is a homely comfort that is hard to resist.  Chocolate Pecan Roll is a fresh take on the good old cinnamon rolls, where the rolls are filled with a generous amount of chocolate spread and pecan...

Rice Pancake with Egg Coconut Stew

A healthy, gluten-free and savoury pancake recipe served with a creamy egg & coconut stew, making it a perfect choice of South Asian breakfast to enjoy with family.


Raspberry Frangipane Squares

A Gluten Free decadent dessert made of Almond flour and relishing Raspberries, making it a healthy indulgent for the kids and adults alike.

The Peach Cobbler

The easy to make Peach Cobbler is a perfect dessert for the summer, It brings out the relishing flavors of summer with the fresh peaches cooked in butter & spices, and is served with refreshing French Vanilla Ice cream.

Brioche French Toast

The ever-popular breakfast, French Toast, done with a simple twist of turning it into a dessert for a weekend breakfast to enjoy with the family.

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