6 Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know

6 Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in our everyday lives but despite its popularity, most of us don’t know much about our favourite drink. To start with, we can say, as a coffee lover you have two options to choose from, commercial and specialty.

Today, even though the specialty coffee scene is quite big and popular, people are still not aware of the long and complicated journey of coffee from the plantation to our cups. Whether you know the process or not, you can always enjoy your coffee but knowing more might help you get the best out of your cup. Read on to learn more about specialty coffee and the world around it.

1. What makes specialty coffee so special?

Coffee Facts - Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee entails a thorough and stringent quality check at all stages of coffee production, right from the bean to the cup. That means, not a single bean escapes the rigorous process; right from the cultivation, harvest, roasting and grinding, which is very critical in deciding the flavor, aroma, and experience that you get from a cup of coffee.

There are several stages of specialty coffee production where utmost care has to be taken as even a single ruined coffee bean can turn a whole pot of freshly brewed coffee unpleasantly bitter.

2. It offers intense flavor and health benefits

Coffee Fact - health benefits

As the specialty coffee is evolving at a fast pace, the commercial one seems to have taken a back seat in the coffee industry and is often considered inferior in quality by true coffee lovers. Besides the flavour and quality that it has to offer, most of the health benefits that coffee claims to have are from the specialty coffee.

3. Our senses play a vital role when dealing with coffee

Coffee Fact - senses

They say enjoying a good cup of coffee is not just about the taste. All of our five senses play a significant role in the most surprising way when we deal with specialty coffee. Having a good understanding of the coffee production from its planting, growing, processing, roasting, grinding to brewing is the key to enter the world of specialty coffee.

4. Roasting is the key to the flavours

Coffee Fact - roasting

Coffee is not as simple as it looks like; it is extremely complex in nature. Each green bean has approximately about 500 flavour components which increase by three times when the roasting process happens. Roasting is a very crucial stage where the heat transforms and intensifies the elements in the bean which ultimately determines how strong and intense the flavour of the coffee is.

5. Studying Coffee demands a lot of passion

Coffee Fact - studying with passion

Beyond being a coffee lover or drinker, to become a Barista you need to have that inner quest to know and understand the nature of coffee in all possible aspects to brew the best and finest quality coffee. It is a complex drink to study about, so you need to find something that excites you about coffee which will make you want to learn more & improve.

6. Arab world played a big role in introducing coffee to the world

Coffee Fact of Arab world

Now, living in this part of the world, we all know that the Middle East has always been a significant consumer of coffee in which they have their own special brews as well. And, it is important to mention that it’s the Arab traders who brought coffee beans home from Africa and boiled them to make it into a drink called ‘Qahwa’ from which the word coffee itself was originated.  No wonder the recent desire for specialty brew in the region is seeing a whole new approach with an intense curiosity towards the world of specialty coffee.

It is time that we switch from regular coffee to the specialty one for better quality, taste and health benefits. Educating ourselves about the art of coffee making is the best way to get the maximum out of your cup of coffee.




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