5 Interesting Ways of Cooking An Egg

5 Interesting Ways of Cooking An Egg

Whether it’s an omelette, sunny side up, scrambled or boiled, we all love eggs for breakfast, or sometimes even for lunch and dinner as well in some or the other way. This protein-packed wholesome food is a perfect base for a lot of snacks and is also a healthy meal in itself. Eggs are so versatile, you can get as creative as you want to incorporate them into your desserts, appetizers, and main course as well. And nowadays, due to the health benefits, even vegetarians are turning into Eggetarians, wherein a vegetarian includes eggs to their diet.

Now, if you still haven’t considered including eggs to your diet, then we have some yummy variety of egg preparations to share with you which could change your mind.

1. Cloud Eggs

Cooking Cloud Eggs

As the name suggests, these are egg yolk in a cloud of beaten egg white which is trending all over the internet. Although this method of egg preparation was introduced to the culinary world a few years back it wasn’t until the recent days that cloud eggs become a huge hit due to the full-blown insta-trend. This is not a quick preparation compared to sunny side up or an omelette, as it requires some beating and baking but is sure a crowd pleaser and a fun way to present eggs to kids.

2. Poached Egg & Avocado Toast

Cooking Pached Egg and Avocado Toast

Poaching egg is not a new method or trend but is a classic way egg preparation in French cooking. But what’s new about this is, we are not just poaching the egg here, we are pairing the poached egg with avocados and toast. You could serve it on an avocado toast or simply with some avocado salad which in either way will not only taste great but will also add an extra healthy touch to your breakfast.

3. Egg Hoppers

Cooking Egg Hoppers.

Thin pancakes with lacy edges and soft & spongy center made with fermented rice flour batter in a wok to create a bowl shape to hold a steamed sunny side up in the middle is the egg hopper from Sri Lanka which is becoming a popular choice of breakfast in the west. This recipe needs some preparation in advance for the rice batter to ferment and some wok swirling skills as well to swirl the batter around the wok to get the desired shape.

4. Egg in the Hole

Cooking Egg in the hole.

Sunny side up in a toast hole is not a very new way of egg preparation but is sure a fun way to prepare eggs for kids. It’s easy to make and all you need is a cookie cutter of your choice to make any shape of a hole on the toast to break the egg open into it which is cooked in a hot and buttered pan.

5. Egg White Quiche

Cooking Egg White Quiche.

It’s a little fancy and healthy option of eggs for a weekend breakfast as it requires a little kneading and baking. Egg whites are whisked with some milk, seasonings, and herbs, and poured into the pie base topping with different colours of bell peppers, mushrooms, and some greens to make the quiche look perfectly beautiful and healthy for a great family breakfast.



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