4 Tasty Vegetarian Grills for Summer

Tasty Vegetarian Grills for Summer

Summer is officially here, and it’s time for some outdoor activities. Along with the usual plays and games let’s take our kitchen activities out as well, to have some extra summer fun for that killer summer body. How? Let’s get grilling!

Although cookouts are prone to be meat-laden, today we are going to talk about a meatless grill for all the veggie lovers out there. And for the ones who think “what’s grilling without meat?” you are in here for a surprise. Now that the winter and spring seasons are officially over, you can do without meat quite often than you think. Reason being, your body doesn’t demand those extra calories in summer which are very much needed during the winters to fight the winter blues.  So, let’s see how we can enjoy the outdoors this summer by firing up the grill to cook up some light and delicious food to share with family and friends.

1. Salads

Vegetarian Salad Grill

A combination of grilled & fresh veggies put together in a bowl with a flavourful light dressing can even make your kids fall in love with salads who generally refuse to eat vegetables. Also, don’t be surprised if everyone goes for seconds before they even get to the main course. It’s that tasty!

Vegetables such as zucchini, asparagus, corn, eggplant, potatoes, squash, mushrooms, etc. give a wonderful charred flavour when grilled and combined with some fresh veggies or fruits and a creamy lemon dressing to add that citrusy summer flavour. Just try and know which vegetables & fruits are good for grilling and let your creativity do the rest of the job.

2. Appetizers

Corn Grill

Where do we even start? The options are endless when it comes to grilled veggie appetizers. Try grilling some avocados with choice of seasoning, butter corns with lemon drizzle, mushrooms with goat cheese, cottage cheese with different marinations, squash skewers with a tangy tamarind sauce, sweet potatoes with tahini yogurt and pomegranates, eggplants with spinach & parmesan and much more if you are willing to play with your imagination.

3. Burgers/Sandwiches/Wraps

Grill Burgers and Wraps

Please don’t get us wrong here; we are not talking about the fat, cheesy and greasy junk burgers or sandwiches. It’s time to switch to the colourful, grilled & healthy veg burgers that are wholesome, filling, nutritious and meatless. Make the burger patties with spinach, potatoes, beets, carrots, pumpkin, peas or even the trending health grain quinoa and grill them up. Get these patties in between whole grain bread/bun slices or even some flatbread to make it into a wrap along with some hummus or moutabel spread and some leafy veggies and fresh tomatoes. If you can manage to bake some homemade fresh bread as well, then you have a perfectly healthy burger/sandwich/wrap ready for your summer veggie grills.

4. Dessert

Dessert Grill

How can we wind up a fun day without any dessert? Guess what! You can get your dessert also grilled. Early summer period is the perfect time for mangoes. Slice them up and grill them slightly and serve it with some ice cream or for a healthier option just drizzle some honey. You can grill many other fruits this way and make a grilled fruit salad topped with some custard. And for kids, bring some home baked pound cake slices grill them and serve with some grilled mango slices and ice cream/custard.




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